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Reduce Glare in Offices with 3M™ Window Films

Reduce Glare in Offices with 3M™ Window Films

Glare. It’s something most of us have dealt with at one time or another. From driving down the road late at night to working on your laptop in a sunlit room–the effects of glare are unpleasant and frustrating.

But, did you know that glare also impedes workplace productivity?

Security Window Film: A Cost-Effective Solution to Building Security

Security Window Film: A Cost-Effective Solution to Building Security

There are several additions you can make to a building to improve its security, including surveillance and alarm systems, locks, and controlled access entry points.

But even with these additions, a building is only as secure as its most vulnerable entry points, which in most cases are the building’s glass doors and windows.

Why trust 3M™ Security Window Films for Building Security?

Surveillance and alarm systems can do wonders for deterring forced entry, but one thing they fail to do is create a physical barrier to keep potential intruders outside. No matter how much security a building is deemed to have, a determined attacker can easily smash through a standard pane of glass to access the building.

Bars can be unsightly and expensive. Laminated glass usually doesn’t offer high enough security. 3M™ Security Films are clear and efficient. Call us for more details.

7 Unique Uses for Window Film

7 Unique Uses for Window Film

Aside from offering UV protection and increasing energy savings and privacy, window films can also give your home or office that decorative edge you’ve been searching for.  

Window film provides homeowners a multitude of ways to transform and customize ordinary windows. They can also turn a lacklustre room into one that is filled with eye-catching detail.

To inspire your next installation, we’ve compiled a list of 7 surprising ways you can use window films.

Create privacy with frosted films

Installing frosted window film at home and at work can provide you with the privacy you’ve been yearning for. Films can easily be added to just about any glass surface, from office partitions and meeting rooms to shower doors and bathroom windows.