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Security Window Film: A Cost-Effective Solution to Building Security

There are several additions you can make to a building to improve its security, including surveillance and alarm systems, locks, and controlled access entry points.

But even with these additions, a building is only as secure as its most vulnerable entry points, which in most cases are the building’s glass doors and windows.

Why trust 3M™ Security Window Films for Building Security?

Surveillance and alarm systems can do wonders for deterring forced entry, but one thing they fail to do is create a physical barrier to keep potential intruders outside. No matter how much security a building is deemed to have, a determined attacker can easily smash through a standard pane of glass to access the building.

Bars can be unsightly and expensive. Laminated glass usually doesn’t offer high enough security. 3M™ Security Films are clear and efficient. Call us for more details.

Benefits of 3M™ Security and Safety Window Film
  • More affordable than security glazing
  • Can be applied to any glass surface without affecting the appearance of the glass
  • Holds shards of glass in place and helps shattered windows retain their shape
  • Delays forced entry attempts
  • Provides more time for people to react to unexpected attacks
  • Gives security and authorities more time to arrive

How Does Security Window Film Increase Building Security?

Before we dive into how security window film increases building security, it’s important to note that these window films are not shatterproof. Rather, the window film holds the broken shards of glass in place to help the window retain its shape and prevent shards of glass from flying inwards.

We know what you’re thinking, “if the window can still be broken, how does it make my building more secure?”

If someone is attempting to force their way into your home, the window film can delay their entry long enough to deter potential intruders. This delay also provides adequate time for security guards and police to respond.

The use of security window film can make all the difference during a violent attack, whether perpetrated by one individual or a mob of rioters.

Additional Benefits Security Window Films Provide Your Building

Our security window films do a lot more than just deterring potential intruders from breaking in. They also:

Prevent UV Damage

Are you also concerned about the harmful effects ultraviolet rays pose to your building?

Not only do our 3M™ Ultra Prestige PR S70 and 3M™ Ultra Neutral S35 deter smash and grab burglaries, but they also have solar reduction benefits, which means additional heat reductions, energy savings and fade reduction.

Create a welcoming and secure environment with 3M™ Window Films

When a client visits your business, you want them to feel comfortable and safe.

While some options like window bars seem more protective, they could end up making your business feel uninviting. Security window films on the other hand, provide the extra protection you need at an affordable price while still providing a welcoming environment for your employees and clients.

Consult one of our experts to discover the many ways you can protect your business from crime, inclement weather, and harmful UV rays. Contact Convenience Group today at 416-233-6900 or fill out the following form.