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18 Easy DIY Home Projects to Try Out This Month

Do you love the idea of turning your home into a cozy sanctuary, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help!

When it comes to home improvement projects, we believe that it’s all about making simple changes that can make a big difference. And we think you should be able to do that, no matter how much time or money you have on your hands.

That’s why we’ve curated this list of 18 easy DIY home projects you can tackle this month. Whether you’re just starting out in a new place, or you’ve lived there for years and are looking to give it a refresh, these projects are just as easy as they are impressive. So, without further ado, here are 18 easy DIY home projects to experiment with.

  1. Spruce up Lacklustre Walls with Wallpaper 

When decorating your home, you probably considered every paint colour under the sun, but did you consider wallpaper? Wallpaper provides a level of colour, texture, and pattern that paint can’t always contend with.

Decorative wallpaper can be used in any room of your house– from the kitchen and living room to the dining room and bedroom, even the bathroom! And with hundreds of styles and colours available, you can easily find a design that fits your home’s unique aesthetic.

But the best part about this DIY isn’t the limitless sea of colours and patterns available to choose from... It’s the little prep work involved. Simply peel off the backing paper from each sheet and stick it wherever you please. 

  1. Tile a Backsplash 

Backsplashes are incredibly versatile. On one hand, they’re practical, protecting your walls from food stains and additional messes, and on the other hand, they’re highly decorative and able to add flair to even the most basic rooms.

Add some style and personality to your kitchen, with a DIY tiled backsplash. Not only will this easy DIY improve the overall look and feel of your kitchenette, but it’s a great way to make use of any leftover tile that may have fallen off the wall or was damaged during installation.

Whether you use tile for the entire backsplash or just part of it, it will help set your kitchen apart from the rest of your home while giving you a sense of pride every time you catch a glimpse. 

  1. Install Vinyl Flooring 

Easy to install, and incredibly affordable, it’s no surprise that installing vinyl flooring made this list. Vinyl is a durable and low-maintenance material that can be used in any room of your house. However, it does particularly well in rooms with high moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Available in rolls, tiles, and plank form, vinyl is an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to update their flooring without breaking the bank.

  1. Reupholster Second-hand Furniture 

Reupholstering second-hand furniture is a great way to breathe new life into your home’s décor. It’s a small investment that can make a big difference in your living space's overall look and feel.

But that’s not all. When you reupholster an old piece of furniture, you’re also saving a piece of history! You can’t help but feel good about a chair that’s been around for a couple of centuries. 

  1. Frame a Mirror 

Add some additional charm to your home with a framed mirror. This easy and affordable DIY is a great way to change up the look of any room in just minutes.

With so many frame options available, you can choose the one that best suits your personal style. If you’re looking for something timeless, we suggest choosing a wood frame. In contrast, if you’re thinking a bit more bold and modern, opt for metal.

The best part about this DIY is that all you need is a mirror, some wood or metal moulding (which can be salvaged from old furniture), a glue gun, glue sticks, paint, and primer. 

  1. Conceal Unsightly Cords

Cords, whether we like it or not, are part of our everyday life.

But just because we rely on them day in, and day out doesn’t mean we have to resign to living with messy cords all over the house. There are plenty of tips and tricks to conceal those unsightly wires.

One of the simplest solutions is to adhere clear Command cord clips to the back of your electronics or furniture to corral your cords. Some of your furniture may already come with cord-hiding compartments. Make sure to take a good look around before building your own secret storage. 

  1. Revive Your Fence 

Easy DIY home projects are for your exterior too!

If your fence is looking a little faded, why not freshen it up with a couple of coats of paint or stain? In just a few hours, you can have it looking good as new. Not only that, but it’ll be much more resistant to the elements and will last longer.

You’ll save money in the long run by doing this simple project yourself– and what could be better than that? If you’re feeling extra ambitious, consider adding some plants nearby your refinished fence to soften the overall look. 

  1. Repot Indoor Plants 

Did you know that repotting your plants is key to keeping them happy? Common signs a plant is ready to size up include roots growing through the drain hole, pot-bound roots, soil that dries out faster than it used to, stunted growth, and wilting between watering.

If you have kids, this is a great DIY to get them involved in. Simply select another pot (ideally one that is slightly bigger than the original container), and the correct potting soil, and you’re good to begin repotting! 

  1. Re-Paint Your Front Door 

When people walk up to your home, the first thing they see is your front door. Make sure you leave a good first impression with a welcoming front door colour.

From neutral hues like brown, black and gray to bright colours like yellow, blue, and green, you want to ensure you pick a colour that complements, rather than distracts, from your surrounding architecture.

You could also use your front door as an opportunity to experiment with different paint finishes like matte or gloss– the choice is yours! 

  1. DIY Glass Door Cabinets

Swap out the interior wood on your kitchen cabinets for glass sheets and finally spotlight that china you’ve been hiding away with DIY glass door cabinets.

DIY glass door cabinets allow your kitchen to instantly feel lighter and more open, all without a major remodel. You can have your choice of clear, frosted, seeded, or ribbed glass depending on the look you’re after. 

  1. Remove a Popcorn Ceiling 

Popcorn ceilings are a tough sell these days. Once touted for their ability to absorb sound and cover up flaws in ceilings, this home trend is now regarded as unsightly, unsanitary, and outdated.

The good news is a textured ceiling can be easily removed with nothing more than some muscle, a wet/dry vacuum, and a drywall knife. However, if your home was built prior to 1977 it’s important to first test the ceiling material for traces of asbestos, as there is a chance it could contain hints of this banned carcinogenic mineral. 

  1. Construct Window Boxes with Seasonal Blooms

Another easy DIY from your home’s exterior: wooden window boxes filled with splendid seasonal blooms.

This summer, add a pop of colour to your windows with this simple DIY that’s sure to impress your friends and neighbours

You can opt for plain wooden boxes, which can be painted any colour you please, or you can use leftover wood you have hanging around to build your own custom window boxes. Remember to keep it simple. You don’t want to overwhelm the eye with too much going on in one area. 

  1. Creatively Display Your Family’s History 

We inherit so many beautiful items from our ancestors, why not put them on display for all your guests to see?

Honour your family history and show friends and family your DIY capabilities by finding creative ways to showcase them. From framing vintage tea towels and cherished family recipes to creating a shadow box with your great-grandfather’s medals, there are plenty of ways to display these heirlooms around your home.

  1. Showcase Your Personality with Shelving 

Shelves. The word itself is enough to make any homeowner’s heart skip a beat. Often touted for their organizational abilities, shelves also provide the perfect way to showcase unique home décor.

With fixed-bracket shelves, built-in shelves, and floating shelves, you can fill up an otherwise empty wall space with items that truly reflect who you are. Whether it’s sports memorabilia, a coveted record collection or comic books, with this easy DIY home project, you have the power to control the narrative. 

  1. Nail a Luxurious Look 

Giving your furniture a more sophisticated look is easier than you think! All you need is upholstered furniture, nailhead trim, a rubber mallet, a ruler, a spacer, and a pen.

Commonly seen on luxurious chairs, headboards, tables, and couches, adding nailhead trim to furniture is a simple DIY that can provide homeowners with a more refined look at a lower price point.

Before you begin, make sure your piece of furniture is right for the job. Almost all upholstered furniture will work so long as it has a solid frame to provide a strong enough grip for the nails. 

  1. Improve Interior Lighting 

Lighting is key in any room. It’s what sets the mood, helps you complete tasks, and elevates the space.

Whether you’re looking for a way to make your kitchen feel like a cozy coffee shop or want to add some soft lighting to your bedroom, there are countless easy DIY home projects that can help you achieve your lighting goals.

Undercabinet lighting is one of our favourite projects because it offers a quick way to enhance the ambiance of your kitchen with minimal effort. With undercabinet lighting, you can highlight your gorgeous backsplash while also safely guiding early risers around your kitchen without disturbing those still fast asleep – no special wiring or outlets required.

For those feeling a bit more adventurous, you can also turn ordinary items like old wine jugs, glass water bottles or beer growlers into lamps. 

  1. Replace a Faucet 

Replacing a faucet may at first seem like a daunting task, but it’s not! Whether you need to swap out a leaking tap or want to upgrade your home’s décor, replacing a faucet is a quick and simple DIY project that any homeowner can do.

If your new faucet has the same hole configuration as the current one, you’ll be able to do this yourself in no time. But even if they’re different, it can still be done. Just cover up any unused holes with an escutcheon plate. Before beginning the installation of your new faucet, remember to shut off the water.

  1. DIY Home Window Tinting 

Window tinting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to boost your home’s energy efficiency, safety, and curb appeal. Made of thin layers of transparent polyester, window films are applied to the room side of existing exterior windows and glass doors.

There are generally three main types of residential window film: solar, safety & security, and decorative.

Solar window films improve the energy efficiency of your home by absorbing and/or reflecting 99 percent of UV rays from the sun. Installing these window films allow you to regulate indoor temperatures, reduce glare, prevent the fading of furnishings, increase indoor comfort and reduce energy costs.

Security and safety window films are used to protect homeowners, their loved ones, and their property from forced entry, vandalism, accidental glass breakage, and severe weather. Decorative films can be used to improve aesthetics and privacy. Offered in a variety of etched patterns or opaque frosted designs, these films can keep out prying eyes while adding style to any space.

But just because window tints can be installed at home without the help of experts, doesn’t mean they should. Potential pitfalls of DIY window tinting include dirt or streaks of cleaner appearing beneath the film, scratches on the film from previous cuts made, as well as bubbles and wrinkles showing up on the film once installed. All these reasons and more are why most homeowners opt for professional installers. For a more polished finish, trust Convenience Group for your next window film installation. 

Easy Isn’t Always Better– Trust Convenience Group for Your 3M™ Window Film Installations

 DIYs are fun, but there are just some things that require the work of a professional. Installing window films is one of them.

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