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Increase School Safety & Security with 3M™ Window Films

Schools are indispensable. They provide an environment where children can acquire an abundance of knowledge and develop their minds for the future. But none of this is possible unless students and staff feel safe.

A safe school environment is crucial to the academic and social development of students. When students feel safe, they are better able to focus on learning, which leads to increased academic achievement.

According to a report published by Concordia University students who feel unsafe at school not only receive lower grades but miss more classes and demonstrate increased symptoms of depression.

But it’s not just students who are affected... Research indicates that perceptions of school safety are among the strongest predictors of teacher retention. In fact, teachers who worry about their safety are more likely to leave the teaching profession altogether.

And while it’s impossible to completely guarantee the protection of all staff and students, there are a few ways we can increase the level of safety and security at these sacred institutions.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways you can protect your financial institution is by strengthening your school’s weak points-its glass windows and doors- with 3M’s premium Security and Safety Window Films.

What’s the problem with untreated glass?

If you have yet to arm your school’s vulnerable entry points with window films, you might be wondering, “What’s so bad about untreated glass anyways?” Allow us to explain.

When untreated glass windows and doors are impacted by an object, or shot at, they immediately collapse and fall to the ground. Not only does this provide intruders with immediate access, but it also increases the risk of broken glass injuries among students and staff.

So, how can 3M Safety and Security Window Films help? Before we answer that question, let’s first take a look at what exactly these window films do.

What are Safety and Security Window Films? 

3M Safety and Security Window Films are designed to make glass shatter-resistant by holding the glass pieces together when broken, dramatically reducing the risk of glass shards falling or flying out.

In comparison to regular sun control window films, safety and security films are typically thicker and utilize a more aggressive adhesive system.

Increase school safety and security with 3M™ Window Films

Even with a state-of-the-art alarm system, a building remains penetrable if its windows and glass doors can be easily broken. Fortify your school’s weak entry points with 3M™ Window Films.

When applied to windows and glass the highly durable, optically clear window film provides an invisible layer of defence to help you protect your school.

Here are some of the specific ways 3M™ Safety and Security films can increase school safety: 

Prevent injuries from broken glass

Regardless of whether glass breakage is caused by an intruder, severe weather, or an object, it can pose a significant risk to staff and students. That’s where 3M™ Safety and Security films come in. They are designed to mitigate hazards from shattered glass due to natural or human causes.

These films have also been tested on numerous glazing types under a variety of blast loads to ensure protection against flying shards of glass and other related injuries.

Reinforce weak points from intruders 

Glass windows and doors are security weak points. An intruder could use any of these vulnerable entry points to gain access inside your school.

3M™ Safety and Security Window Films reinforce these weak points. By holding the broken glass together, the film hinders intruders from trying to break in and enter through the broken door or window.

While no window film on the market can entirely prevent intruders from entering a building, 3M ™Security and Safety Window Films come pretty close by creating a strong barrier that deters unwanted intruders from stepping foot inside.

Gain extra response time 

Rob intruders of stealth and speed by installing 3M™ Security and Safety Window Films.

On average, it typically takes intruders less than a minute to break in, but with security window films it takes minutes, drastically slowing down intruders from entering your school.

Slowing down an intruder and helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your school provides response teams ample time to arrive at the scene to restrain unwanted visitors. It also allows your school staff more time to activate safety protocols. 

Quick and cost-effective solution to school safety 

Unlike several other security upgrades, 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film can be quickly installed over the existing glass. What’s more, the films are a fraction of the cost than if you were to replace them with tempered glass. 

Other benefits: Protecting students and staff from UV Rays 

In addition to protecting students and staff from forced entry and glass breakage, safety and security window films also offer protection against another dangerous offender – harsh UV rays.

Not only are UV rays the single largest component of fading, but they are also linked to several harmful health conditions like skin cancer, immune system damage, and eye disorders. Protect staff and students as well as costly school equipment by keeping UV Rays outside where they belong with 3M™ Window Film. 

Other benefits: Energy savings and increased comfort 

Energy used for heating and air conditioning is a major expense for any building, but it can be especially taxing for old and massive school buildings. What’s more frustrating in this case is the fact that most of the money being spent on energy costs is essentially going to waste as up to a staggering 40 percent of a building’s energy escapes straight out its windows.

Thankfully 3M Window Films help control temperature and energy costs, providing you with a more comfortable and affordable school.

By providing an invisible thermal shield, 3M™ Window Films prevent heat from escaping through windows in the colder months, keeping energy costs at bay and staff and students toasty and warm. In the summer months, these films block as much as 66 percent of the sun’s heat, allowing you to run your school’s air-conditioning less frequently while keeping everyone nice and cool. Regardless of the time of year, 3M™ Window Films will keep your staff and students comfortable while keeping energy costs low.

3M Window Films also provide an affordable alternative to window replacement when your financial institution’s goal is to increase savings and security as well as improve energy efficiency. With Convenience Group, 3M Window Films can be installed in a few days at about one-tenth the cost of window replacement. 

Our Safety Window Film Solutions 

At Convenience Group we offer several 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films that can help your school create a safer learning environment.

All films are combined with the 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment System, which connects the filmed window to the window frame. This creates a robust shield that significantly outperforms window film-only systems–providing your school with the highest level of protection.

To help you understand which film is best for your establishment, let’s spend some time discussing the different types of 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films we offer:

3M Ultra Prestige

3M’s Ultra Prestige window films provide the best of both worlds. As a near-clear combination sun control and security laminate, it offers a superior level of security all while reducing solar heat gain and fading.

Product benefits:
  • 3M patented technology utilizes many micro-layers in a 6-mil film to provide enormous strength and tear resistance
  • Mitigates hazards from shattered glass
  • Up to 97 percent infrared rejection
  • High light visibility
  • Its substantial heat rejection provides energy savings and enhanced comfort, combined with a modestly tinted film
  • Increased on-angle heat rejection provides additional performance benefits
  • Low reflection enhances views and overall beauty
  • No metals: 3M technology provides superior performance with no corrosion or interference with cell phone signals
  • Extends the life of furnishings by rejecting UV rays, the single largest component of fading

Learn more about the Ultra Prestige series of Window Films here.

3M™ Ultra

3M™ Ultra is a patented micro-layer film that demonstrates superior life safety protection and excellent tear resistance. These products are designed to hold broken glass onto the film, thus reducing the possibility of injury or damage caused by flying glass shards.

Product Benefits:

  • Increases personal safety from flying glass shards
  • Deters smash and grab burglaries
  • Increases protection from shattered glass injuries, caused by severe weather
  • Reduces fading caused by UV light. Extends the life of furnishings and fabrics

Here at Convenience Group, we offer 3M™ Ultra S800 and Ultra S600. The Ultra S600 is a 6-mil film that provides superior life safety protection and excellent tear resistance. However, if you’re looking for maximum tear resistance, consider the Ultra S800. The 8-mil film offers the highest level of tear resistance on the market. 

3M Exterior Safety Film

If you’re looking to provide effective protection but are unable to apply a film to the interior of one of your school’s windows, 3M™ Exterior Safety Film is for you!

Applied on the outside, the film provides effective protection from injuries to persons or damage to items caused by fragments of broken glass.

In the event that the glass is broken, the shards of glass are held together by a strong acrylic adhesive. The film also blocks UV light and significantly reduces fading of furniture and fabrics.

To meet the needs of your school building, 3M’s Safeguard Exterior Films are available in three thicknesses:

3M Safety S20 

The Safety S20 is ideal for low to non-impact safety applications. It can be used for fragment retention and to address the problem of unprompted glass breakage in the event of severe weather.

Product benefits:
  • Increases protection from flying or broken glass
  • Reduces fading from UV light
  • Helps preserve the appearance of furniture and fabrics
  • Has an abrasion-resistant surface which allows it to maintain a good appearance for longer

Learn more about this exceptional exterior safety film here.

3M Safety S40 

The Safety S40 is composed of a transparent and weather-stable polyester film, a scratch-resistant surface, and a strong acrylic adhesive.

The film’s high tensile strength and elongation at break point increases resistance of the glazing system to impact and pressure. The 4-mil film also significantly reduces the transmission of UVA and UVB rays, which are the main cause of fading.

Product benefits:

  • Increases protection from flying or broken glass
  • Deters smash and grab burglaries
  • Reduces fading from UV light
  • Helps preserve the appearance of furniture and fabrics
  • Has an abrasion-resistant surface which allows it to maintain a good appearance for longer

Learn more about the Safety S40 exterior window film here.

3M™ Safety S70 

Last but not least, the Safety S70.

Similar to the mentioned exterior films, the Safety S70 is composed of a transparent and weather-stable polyester film, a scratch-resistant surface, and a strong acrylic adhesive.

The clear 7 mil film demonstrates high tensile strength, reduces fading, and provides protection from injuries to persons, or damage to items caused by broken glass.

Product benefits:

  • Increases protection from flying or broken glass
  • Deters smash and grab burglaries
  • Reduces fading from UV light
  • Helps preserve the appearance of furniture and fabrics
  • Has an abrasion-resistant surface which allows it to maintain a good appearance for longer
  • Meets safety glazing impact standards ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201

Learn more about the Safety S70 here.

Best Practices for Applying Window Film at Schools

Now that we’ve gone over how Security and Safety Window Films work and the various types offered here at Convenience Group, you may be wondering where you should install such films.

We recommend installing them on the following:

  • Vision panels in doors
  • Sidelights adjacent to doors
  • Large windows in classrooms, offices, hallways, gymnasiums, cafeterias, etc. 
Protect your school with Convenience Group

At Convenience Group we understand just how important school safety is. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide variety of 3M™ Security and Safety Window Films to create a safer learning environment for all to enjoy.

For over 40 years, we have been a master Canadian distributor and authorized dealer of 3M Architectural and Window Films for both commercial and residential applications.

We offer leading-edge innovative products along with highly experienced consulting, superior design, and expert installation.

To learn more about how our 3M Safety and Security Films can help your school, contact a Convenience Group representative today or stop by our showroom, located in Toronto, to see the endless possibilities and selections available.